FAQ and Storage Tips


If you are a new customer there is a $35.00 admin fee, if you are a returning customer there is no fee required. We ask a $250.00 deposit on our indoor units only if you are parking a boat or classic car which is returned when customer moves out.
We rent our parking and mini storage on a month to month basis.
Yes, you will get a month free and we will waive the administration fee of $35.00 you will pay 11 mos and the 12th month free.
We are less than 5 minutes from 101 north and south / Less than 5 minutes from Highway 46 West which takes 30 minutes to get to Cambria and beautiful scenic highway one. San Simeon is only another 10 minutes north of Cambria. Lake Nacimiento is Less than 45 minutes from Ramada Storage. Taking 101 North to Spring Street .
No we are strictly parking and storage, but we are less than 5 minutes from 2 dump stations and facilities such as gas and food.

Near by Businesses:

Delta RV supplies – is also a dump site
1960 Ramada Drive
Paso Robles CA 93446
805- 591-4463

Unlimited RV Repair
Mobile Service Available

Chevron(open 24 hrs) – is also a dump site
1849 Ramada Drive
Paso Robles CA 93446

Call our Manager Lois and she can discuss with you an arrangement to accommodate your needs.
Yes we would appreciate a written notice by email or mail, but in the case you cannot give our Manager a full 30 day notice just call our office and it can be worked out. The 30 days is a courtesy to us and gives us the opportunity to re rent as well as take care of our waiting list.
There is a full-time manager and a second business on the property so there are usually employees from both businesses present. At night we have excellent security. The Sheriffs Dept has their own Security access code and check on facility at random or if we call them due to suspicious activity.
Our office is located inside the facility, call anytime to make an appointment. if you are not a customer and are at our gate just call the Ramada Storage number and our Manager can give you access to Ramada Storage and office.
Not at this time! Short term storage is not available – Minimum 4-6 months

Outdoor Storage Tips

1. Clean and Check all Seals
Before parking your vehicle storage give it a good wash and wax. The wax helps protect your vehicle from sun damage. A good coat of wax also makes cleanup after storage much easier. After your vehicle is clean have check all silicon seams, caulking and rubber seals. The most expensive damage can be from water damage and often that happens during time spent in storage.

2. Refrigerator
If you vehicle has a fridge, prop open the doors. This keeps air flowing and prevents any mold, smells or other things building up.

3. Cover
Please cover your boat or RV due to hot temperatures in the summer and cold weather and rain.

4. Start The Engine Periodically
If leaving your vehicle for long periods, please hire a service to come in and start it up to recharge your battery and give it a once over.

5. Tires
Make sure you cover your vehicle’s wheels. It will help keep your tires in good condition.